Work-Life Issues for Men: A Conversation About Breaking the Silence [Video]

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Work-life issues are a hot-button issue, but the conversation often doesn’t include men. “In the organizations where I work, these issues are primarily addressed through the women’s initiatives, so right there [they're] broadcasting to the men in your organization that ‘We don’t think you have a life’ or ‘You have no trouble managing everything,’” says Cali Williams Yost, co-founder Flex + Strategy Group and CEO of Work + Life Fit, Inc.

Also factor in that men often don’t speak up in the office when it comes to taking care of family or personal issues, adds Ken Matos, senior director of research at the Families and Work Institute. It can make for a very stressful lifestyle.

The good news is that the problem can be fixed. In honor of Father’s Day Weekend, Real Business asked Yost and Matos to chat about how men can tweak their lives to be both productive and happy.


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