The Future of Digital Health

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As new technology intersects with traditional medicine, the healthcare industry is undergoing a “revolution,” according to John Nosta, and a visit to the doctor will never be the same.

“Digital health is not some abstract technological concept … it’s really a check-engine light for your body,” says Nosta, an innovation strategist in the digital health sector.

Nosta spent more than a decade at Ogilvy CommonHealth, the world’s largest healthcare communications company, where he held a series of positions including Chief Creative Officer, Chief Strategic Officer and unit President.

He is founder of NostaLab, which he describes as a digital health think tank “that looks to empower innovation through communication.” He was recently named one of the top 15 influencers shaping digital health in 2014.

He sat down with Real Business to share his thoughts on the future of digital health and the game-changing technology in the works, from genomes to wearables.

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  1. Helder Machado

    I agree that a visit to the doctor will never be the same. However. even with these advances personalisation, in the sense of human understanding is lacking. For the moment the EHR is far from reflecting it.

  2. Craig Zuckerman

    Well thought out, and well said, the future is now, can’t wait to hear more


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